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About Family Law

John represents people and families going through the most difficult of times. In family law, John helps people who are often scared, confused, and who feel out of control of their circumstances. Separation, divorce, child custody, and property distribution are not easy things to go through for anyone. He will be there to guide you through the process and to be sure your rights are protected.

John has experience in representing high net worth individuals in divorce, where there is a lot on the line in terms of an equitable property division and these cases require a strong defense of separate property.

John has handled protection orders including initial pleadings, responses, and walking clients through testifying at the hearing if necessary.


Further, John is well versed in dealing with difficult ex's, which includes advising on proper communication techniques when co-parenting or responding to frivolous allegations made in motions practice.

Call 509-992-4327 to protect your rights.

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