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There has been a lot of misinformation and defamatory accusations on the internet starting in November 2023, surrounding an incident that took place on August 3, 2021. There have been accusations and suggestions that I am a pedophile. I have received numerous death threats, nasty phone calls, and e-mails. This being the case, I decided to explain the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident and inform current and future clients of my personal journey.

Approximately, two years before the incident, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1 (mostly manic) with psychotic features. As is the case with many mental health patients, I had a tough time accepting the diagnosis. I was placed on many different combinations of medications, but never felt normal with my medications. At the time of the incident, my psychiatric medical provider and I thought we should try eliminating the bipolar medications since they made me groggy and made work difficult. This caused me to slip into a manic state. When in a manic state I am out of touch with reality; I hear voices and see things that others do not. The world is operating differently than it is. For example, on the day in question, all goods were free and there was no need for money, so I threw my wallet and cell phone  away.

Regarding my thoughts that led me to approach the child, I heard voices telling me that the young boy at the docks was my child from the future. He had similar features to a stepdaughter I had from a prior relationship including remarkably similar hair. In my delusional manic state, I was convinced I was this child’s father and offered to take him parasailing, believing this would be a fun way to make up for lost time. I also believed he was a girl like my stepdaughter.


All of this was, of course, terrifying for both the affected child and family members, who did not understand the full context of what was happening. I am incredibly sorry for the family that was affected by my manic behavior. Tapes of the incident are available and in them I appear lost and confused and I did not even leave the area. The child brought my behavior to the attention of attendants at the attraction and the police were called resulting in my arrest. I was briefly jailed.

I was also very suggestible at the time. When the officer also asked me if I was attracted to children, my initial response was no, but when asked again, I responded that they were beautiful creatures of God; so in that way yes. I believe this response is consistent with biblical thought and social norms. Jesus loved little children, and no one is accusing him of pedophilia. I was never asked if I was sexually attracted to children, which I indeed would have answered no.

The police must have felt that I was not a danger to others as they quickly released me from jail after paying a $300 bond. I immediately attempted to jump into an unoccupied police cruiser. When apprehended, I admitted that I tried to get into the vehicle and to go to a psychiatric hospital. The police drove me to Kootenai Health; however the psychiatric unit would not take me in without a Covid test and I got lost trying to find the hospital testing site. I ended up back at Independence Point, throwing away my shirt, cellphone, wallet, glasses, and sandals because I thought I would not need them anymore. I was found by a family member without shirt, shoes, glasses, cellphone, and wallet the next morning. Police found my phone and wallet and sent my phone to the FBI to see if there were any indications of pedophilia such as child porn on the phone, which there was none.

Over the next few weeks I was in and out of inpatient mental health hospitals. I was put on effective medications, and gradually over 3-4 weeks, regained a normal state and clear thinking. During this time while attempting to seek treatment, I was wandering the streets of Spokane with my “magic feather.” I was approached by another police officer, though there was no arrest or criminal charges. He asked me several times if I took meth. I have never used meth in my life, but in my suggestible mental state, I told the officer I did meth all the time. All drug tests immediately after the incident at the hospital showed that I was clear of illegal substances, including meth. I agreed that the police could take me to a hospital for psychiatric care.

In the month following the event, I was cyber-bullied, stalked, followed, and beat up. I received death threats on a regular basis. I was kicked out of restaurants because of the publicity. I continue to get harassment online years after this event. These gradually lessened until the recent cyber bullying event. I am still very afraid to appear in public or be anywhere near children in case I am falsely accused again.

The charges related to the August 3, 2021, incident were ultimately lowered to “disturbing the peace.” Both the judge and prosecuting attorney believed that my actions were clearly related to mental health. The court required me to send medical reports in. The Idaho State Bar also required regular medical reports. I have been totally compliant with these requirements. I have continued to take my medication religiously since this incident and have remained mentally stable. Both the Washington State Bar and Idaho State Bar have thoroughly investigated me concerning this incident and have allowed me the privilege to continue to practice law.

I am and always will be sorry for my behavior, especially for the victims of my crime. I have been stable since this event thanks to finding medication effective in treating my condition. I am committed to continueing to take my mental health seriously and will be on these medications for the rest of my life.

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